Mar 20, 2010

079- The Dress

Eighteen years ago my oldest daughter got married and I made her wedding dress. It was the dress she'd picked out when she was about 14... it was a given, it was beautiful... it was so Rebekah.

Since then I've made many other wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I loved creating beautiful MODEST wedding dresses for my sweet little friends in California (where finding a modest dress is nigh unto impossible).

But we live in Happy Valley- Modesty Central! I was not dead set on making Camille's dress; if we could find a reasonably priced dress I was good with that. So today found us shopping at Alyse's Bridal. We went with the thought that if we didn't find anything Camille LOVED then we would move on to Plan B (Mama makes the dress).

I took my sorry little marsupial-pocket-camera (Which I have to stop doing; I'm never satisfied!) to take photos so that in case we went with Plan B I had ideas.

After about 6 dressed Camille put one on and it was the one!! So I pulled out my American Express (cash back at Costco, you know!) and we bought it. ALL SALES FINAL!

I got home and started to think about the dress and just started feeling sick! My belly hurts. What was I doing? Did I spend too much? I don't want to do all that beading! Is this really the dress Camille wants? My belly hurts!! Look at the photos... ahh, heck, they're awful. My belly hurts. How do I use THAT photo for my blog. My belly hurts. (Do you get the picture?)

I cropped down the best (eek) photo and sent it to Camille.

"Does this reveal too much of your dress? Will this be ok?"

"That's fine. Mom are you ok?"

"My belly hurts."

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. My belly hurts."

"Mom, did we spend too much?"


"Is it that your little girl is getting married?"

Ahh! Now the tears started to flow! It's not the dress. It's not the money. It's not that I don't absolutely love her choice (husband and dress).


With that in mind I took some creative license in PhotoShop and made this photo reflect my feelings this day. The day I realized that, yes, my little Camille-y is getting married!

079- the dress

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love it! And that beading and working with all that crappy lace would not be at all fun. And Alysse's, well, I love that store! They even let the non-bride try on their dresses...quite fun if I do say so!