Mar 21, 2010

080- Another Happy Family Dinner

We had our regular big dinner tonight. We were missing a few including new baby Sophie and her mama (smart mama stayed home with the new baby... but we sent her lots of yummy corned beef dinner and fixin's). Have I mentioned how much I love these dinners? Only about 4 dozen times? OK... just so you remember!

Laura is having a marathon birthday weekend! So we *built her a cake or somesing* to prolong the party. But can you believe this? Look how old she is!

080- laura

After dinner Suzi commented that little Ethan was just in love with his cousin Roxie. I love that these sweet children get to interact often! Are they just adorable? Yeah, I think so too.

080- cute cousins


Anke said...

Okay, now please tell me that you were using a flash of some kind for these pictures. I never get that great light with my indoor shots! These are so cool!!!

Jessica said...

How cute are those cousins? Love it!

Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, that Roxie-girl is absolutely darling!!!