Mar 23, 2010

082- Mama & Bebe

This evening I spent a couple of hours working on announcements for baby Sophie. When I came upon this photo I knew it was one I wanted to play with and include.

082- mama & bebe

I normally don't do a before and after-s of my photos but I want to show you the magic of PhotoShop actions. Rita at has so many wonderful free actions. Her Baby Powder Room was my choice for this photo. One of her contributors, Morgan, recently did a great post about using this action.

So without further ado here is my before and after!

082 before & after

Magic isn't it?


Dean and Sheri said...

Joanie! That is awesome!! I didn't realize how much difference you could make in one of your photos with color and touch up. And what sweetness you captured of Mamma and Bebe.

Jessica said...

Love it!

Anke said...

that really is amazing Joanie. I just went and grabbed the action myself. The photo is stunning though!