Mar 25, 2010

084- The Marina

* Since today is my 600th post I thought I would give you my finally vacation installment... (that sounds like a good enough excuse!)

On our first full day in California we took a little trip to the local marina not too far from Cindy's house. I've been here with her before; there is always such an easy, peaceful feeling. I feel so much closer to my ancestors as I sit there enjoying the bay.

084- marina

There was no shortage of bird-type wild life with us enjoying the warm spring-like day. Of course there were the obligatory seagulls (in the photo above). There were also some enormous Canadian geese looking fat, sassy and eating grass!!! Did you know they ate grass? (And leave miniature cow piles!)

084- canadian geese

Next I saw Mr and Mrs Mallard... she's looking just a little out of sorts to me. Do you suppose she caught Mr Mallard looking at the other *chicks*?

084- mallard

Since this marina is up one of the estuaries from San Francisco Bay the waves come in in these long straight lines. I was amazed that they continue past the pilings and wave breaks. This is where I saw the Avocets. Ann knew just what they were and pointed out their funny upswept bills.

084- avocet

The minute I saw these great rustic pilings I thought *wouldn't this make a great place to have a photo shoot?* Too bad it is 13 hours away! (I did take a photo of my sweet niece, Sarah, here.)

084- pilings

We ambled to the end of the pier, sat down, enjoyed the warm sun and chatted.

084- a,c,s,w

I watched this kayaker as he paddled himself across the water... I wish I like the water better, this almost looks like fun. (Hasn't his guy ever seen JAWS?)

084- kayak

After about an hour we decided it was time to start moving on to the city. What a glorious day.

084- boats


Mom and Dad said...

Joanie, that was such a sweet serendipitous little sidetrip. So peaceful. Everything about it was perfect and unrushed. So glad to have been able to share it!

Anke said...

Beautiful shots Joanie! I really like the people shot, great DOF!!! Looks like a fabulous place to visit! Congratulations on your 600th post, you are one chatty lady (just kidding)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love it! I love how our focus was vastly different with the same material at hand....well, okay, so your camera is a lot better than mine. And I adore that picture of the 4 of us. You are amazing auntie! And it was a lovely vacation!