Mar 30, 2010

089- De-Fence

You'll remember that our fence blew down in our monster wind storm a couple of months ago. Since the roof damage was a *have to fix right now* project the fence got demoted on the list.

Our son Ryan came to the rescue again. Yesterday Gordon and Ryan went to Home Depot and picked up all of the building materials to build the fence. This morning Ryan arrived bright and early to start digging the post hole (bless his wonderful 30-year old testosterone body!) I could hear him digging out there and was surprised that he hadn't even come to the door to let us know he was here.

089- post hole

But here is the best part... the only gloves in the garden shed were Mama's pink gardening gloves. You've just got to love these muscley forearms and bulging biceps accentuated with PINK GARDEN GLOVES!

089- gloves

I love you Ryan... you're the man!

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Anke said...

do you want to ship him my way? there is lots of stuff that needs done around here :) Must be nice to have grown kids who can do stuff LOL