Mar 31, 2010

090- D-d-d-def-initely A Lion Sort of Day!

Yes, definitely a lion sort of day. March started nice and sheepish! But it's had sever mood swings all month long. But there is nothing new with that. Monday and Tuesday we had highs at 68 and 70 and this morning... SNOW!

I'd ask, "What's up with that?" I already know... it is spring, in the mountains. Is there anywhere in the world where spring isn't full-on mood swings?

090- lion day

Of course after a couple of weeks with highs in the 50's and a couple of days in the 60's my crazy early-bird-apricot tree is in full bloom... I suppose it will just have to wait and see if they will get frozen off this year. Sad.

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Anonymous said...

Us to, our mountains got some snow and we are suppose to get rain tonight and tomorrow. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Mother Nature just can't seem to make up her mind.
miss you
Love p