Sep 12, 2010

255- PEI and Regional Conference

Today was our second Regional Conference. They announced that the conference originating in the Marriot Center on BYU's campus was being televised to 17 BYU Stakes and 139 Stakes in Utah and Wasatch Counties: A possible audience of half a million members!

I would like to share a few comments that stuck with me.

Sister Julie B Beck- "We are having a robust mortal experience. We have difficulties to draw us to the Savior and learn to rely on Him."

Elder Jeffery Holland- Talking about our Regional Conference "It doesn't get any better than this!" also "God will be with us and we will succeed!"

President Boyd K Packer- "Never forget that you have a Father [in Heaven]."

I came away feeling fed and uplifted!

And then look what I spied with my little eye right there in the Hidden Cove Chapel parking lot [car park]... a PEI license plate! I DO have a passport now...

255- PEI


Laura H said...

My mom just got back from PEI. Took 5 million pictures. She loved it.

Jessica said...