Sep 13, 2010

256- Grape Tendril

I started my grape harvest on Saturday. It took me a minute to remember that, this time of year the days start to run together. We picked 5 3-gallon buckets of grapes; all of which have been given away, devoured or turned into raisins. And that 5 buckets barely scratched the surface.

256- grape tendril

So today found me out there again in need of a machete! Those vines are crazy! I trimmed some of them so I could get to the grapes from the sidewalk side of the fence. I will wait until early spring to trim the inside. Can you believe that this little stretch of grape vines is so prolific?

256- grape fence

What a blessing to have fresh garden produce to share! Can't you just taste the sweetness of these lovelies?

256- grape bunch

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