Sep 18, 2010

261- It's a Sickness!

From the time I was a tiny girl I've been a barefoot gal! I'm sure that having Fred Flintstone feet has something to do with that!

Now that I'm older I do wear shoes more often, but the minute I sit down off they come. When I want to find my shoes I just have to remember, "Where was I sitting last?"

But, come on! This is ridiculous! So now I feel guilty and will put them where they belong.

261- shoes

This reminds me of Auntie P. When she was working *down-below* all those years she wore heels but she didn't like to drive in heels. She'd put them behind her seat in the car... by the end of the week she's have more shoes behind the seat than she did in her closet!

Guess we've just funny girls with a bad sickness!

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