Sep 27, 2010

269- More Glorious Light

I am so grateful for glorious light! Not only the kind we can see but that which can be felt as well.

Saturday night was the General Relief Society broadcast.  It is held the last Saturday in September, just before October General Conference each year. It is one of those meetings that I don't want to miss, and I've only missed a couple since their inception. Saturday's broadcast did not disappoint... but I knew it wouldn't. I'm so grateful for the continued light and knowledge we receive from our leaders.

269- pink clouds

There is usually one or two things that just stick out in my mind as I sit there taking notes. This time is was Sister Sylvia Allred's comments:
She asked, "What helps us stand steadfast and immovable?"  I love the answer... it is so simple-
  • Prayer
  • Scripture study
  • Obedience [!]
  • Service
I CAN do that! 

(You know what else I love?  Each of these bullet points was already a tag on my blog!)

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