Sep 28, 2010

270- Zinnias in Bokeh

This spring I went down to help my De-Lor-ee-us plant some of her garden. She has lovely raised beds that had become root bound. I helped her dig, garden fork and remove all those old root and then plant her turnips (ick!), tomatoes, melons and other various plants. We had a lovely time.

When I got home I thought, "Hey, I've got lots of old flower seeds I've been saving! Why don't I plant mine?" So since I was already dirty, and tired, I went to it... about 3 nights later I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that about a month before all this planting I had dutifully Preen-ed (a pre-emergent weed deterrent) all of my flower beds! GREAT COOGALEE-MOOGALEE! All that work with my 10 year old seeds gone to waste!

The only little plant hardy enough to overcome the Preen were these lovely Zinnias, one of my favorite, happy flowers and some California Poppies. I've been so pleased to see these spotty zinnias! I'd never seen spotty-polka-dottie ones before. You can bet that this year I will NOT be Preen-ing that flower bed as zinnias reseed themselves.

270- zinnia 2

And what could make these beautiful fall-day flowers even more beautiful? My nifty-fifty (50mm lens) and a rich bokeh background.

270- zinnia 1

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Dean and Sheri said...

I love these beauties. Oh my...they are so pretty. Glad they survived the "preening".