Sep 29, 2010

272- Land o' Goshen

Lasterday Gordon and I took a little explore. We went down the I-15 to Santaquin (population 4834) through Genola (population 71), past Goshen (population 874), around West Mountain (population one crazy driver in a black Ram truck who just about hit us!!!) and back home again.

Between Genola and Goshen the green-ways (can I call them that in Utah... they aren't always green... frequently they are brown... but this day they WERE green) were dotted with milkweeds just opening up and letting out there fluffy glory!

It reminded me of when I was little and I was so captivated by their beauty. Now they remind me of talking walks with Grannie Annie (my sister) in her fun little rural town (population 733) in central Utah.

Aren't they beautiful? But as Grannie Annie taught me, "One year o' seedin' makes ten years o' weedin'!"

272- milkweed

AND since I grew up in the steaming metropolis of Greenville, population 1500 I can make population statements in this post...

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