Oct 9, 2010

282- Temple Fountain Sunset

I missed Ward Temple Night on Thursday so I decided to go this afternoon after I'd worked in the yard for several hours. When I walked in the front door there was Sister Cutler, who works on the Wednesday shift with me but is an assistant Shift Coordinator on Saturday evening, was standing there at the front door looking slightly harrassed. I just felt impressed to ask her if she was short staffed. She got this relieved look on her face and told me that she would probably need me. I ended up staying for an extra hour longer than I would normally have been there. I was pleased to help out.

And it's not as if I need immediate blessing for doing a good thing... I'd already been blessed for serving. But look what awaited me when I walked outside!

Oh... what a beautiful sight.

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Anke said...

Wow Joanie, how gorgeous!!!!