Oct 10, 2010

283- Grammie's Toys

Perhaps it is because my Grandma had some clever toys for me to play with when I went to visit or maybe it's the fact that I've never quite grown up, but either way I've always known the importance of having toys for the grandkids to play with when they come to Grammie's house to visit.

Over the years I've saved those toys that my own children seemed to enjoy the most: Marble Works, Playmobil Cowboys and Indians (It's been fun to hear MY children comment that they remembered playing with those toys.), some old Tupperware toys, nesting blocks, circles, triangles and barrels and other odds and ends.

Recently a friend of mine blogged about getting an IKEA Lillabo for her little grandson. (And can we just stop and talk about IKEA for a minute? Can they just not give it an English subtitle??)

Any-way, I knew that Grammie would need to get one of those to have at her very own house (Yes, I am talking in third person about myself... weird!). Of course I had to:

  1. Get a storage box especially for the train (yeah, and what's up with no lid for this box?)
  2. Come home and set it up and play with it myself  (Harley laid on the chair and was completely fascinated with what I was doing, watching the train go round and round.

283- train

My friend comment that she wished she'd gotten a couple of add-ons to the original $14.99 starter set (not shown on the above noted website but they have it in the store)  so I took her advice and got one of everything! 

I just left it in the front room, put away of course, waiting for the first little grandchild to come... it turns out I didn't have to wait long. Desi (daughter-by-choice) and family came over to get some fun fall fotos (ha, I had to do that) so Miss Emmie kid tested for me.  I can see that this my just surpass Marble Works as the favorite.

283- emmalie

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Dean and Sheri said...

What a fun post...What a fun Grammie. I, too, am of the opinion that grandbabies need some fun things to play with while visiting their grandparents. One of my grandmas had a dress up box. That was great! I don't ever want our home to be BORING! As soon as Cope was born I started our collection. As of last Spring, we are the proud owners of an IKEA train set for our boy. Copeland and I have sat together for hours building towns, towers and more bridges out of our "mega blocks" wooden blocks and whatever else we can find. SO FUN. I would like to be the "Grammie" remembered for "Playing with me". Now, I've got to start collecting some "girl" toys as his sister will be arriving in about 6 weeks.
And as usual...GREAT PHOTOS!
Ryan introduced me to photo shope yesterday. He learned how to use it in a digital photo class. Slowly....VERY slowly...I think I'll be able to learn too.
Love ya Joanie.