Oct 13, 2010

286- You Are So Twisted!

I'm feeling a lot like this corkscrewed aspen tree... it has been one of those very busy week where I feel like I am running a *day late and a dollar short*! Mostly I'm just tired and worn out from my *twisted* life.

That makes it sounds worse than it really is, but this is what I've done since Monday.
  1. Found a not dead mouse in the sticky trap first thing in the morning... now what??
  2. Edited and tweaked the photos of Desi's family (this took most of the day)
  3. Realize that the way NOT to store the apples I picked on Saturday is in sealed plastic 3 gallon BYU buckets to keep the mice out of them (see #7 below)
  4. At 9 pm on Monday know that if I don't do something with the quickly spoiling apples (the sealed bucket speed up the yuck factor from birdy pecked, wind fall and blemished apples) and make 14 quarts of apple pie filling. Ha... can't use the peeler/corer/slicer on blemished fruit... hand peeled and cut out bad spots but could slice them on the aforementioned machine.  Finished about 12:30... then couldn't sleep
  5. Took my De-Lor-EE-us on our annual Alpine Loop drive (hence the cool aspen)
  6. Came home and put up another 14 quarts of apple pie filling.
  7. Realize that the swine-rodents, who've been giving dancing lessons to Gordon each night after I go to bed, have gotten into my oatmeal in the dungeon.  (They skitter back and forth across the family room avoiding all traps)
  8. Transfer oatmeal from the cardboard boxes to my beloved BYU buckets... they are rodent proof!
  9. Work a full shift at the Temple
  10. Come home to find out that the ill-tempered-rodents put on a full out 3 hour show for Gordon last night while he was watching the miners being rescued in Chile.
  11. See that the above mentioned rodents have been helping themselves to many other tasty treats in the dungeon!  
  12. Used up the last of my 30+ BYU buckets rodent proofing anything that look remotely appealing that they could gnaw through. (Yeah... who invited them in anyway?)
  13. Vacuum out the dungeon (ick... mousey-poopy! Hope I don't get hantavirus)
  14.  Need to get more bucket at the Creamery tomorrow.
  15. Set more traps in all likely paths
  16. Whew... it's time for bed.

286- corkscrew aspen


rfamilyfun said...

I highly recommend a kitty!

Dean and Sheri said...

Now, Joanie...
Let me 'splain somethin' here. Seems to me I read a post you wrote, oh...maybe last FAll(?). In that post you mentioned finding, catching and releasing behind your home a cute little mouse friend you found holed up in your shed. Am I right so far? If not...please correct me or tell me I'm having a 'false memory'. Anyway, if my memory IS correct, just let me inform you of something. Actually, I'm sure you already know this. Mice have big (I mean BIG) families and LOTS of friends. I'm thinking that that lucky little guy you so tenderly, sweetly and humanly set free, went and told ALL of his family members and ALL of his friends just how nice are.
...just sayin'.
Love ya. Sheri

bobbybradley53 said...

I wouldn’t recommend using glue traps. The mouse really suffers. There are traps on the market today that kill the mouse humanely and are really effective and safe for pets and kids. The Kill and Seal by Victor is 100% hygienic and seal completely so no disease-carrying ticks or fleas can escape and enter your home. You don’t even have to look at the dead mouse. http://www.victorpest.com/store/rodent-control/m265#desc

Sarah Elizabeth said...

You're not the only one feeling twisted! And I am certainly pleased that I don't have to do any canning on top of it all...that would certainly be the last straw.

Anke said...

Oh the dang mice. Did I ever tell you my mouse story? The time we had them and I didn't have the heart to kill them, so I caught them in live traps and kept them in an aquarium... there were a bunch in there after a while and they started fighting. Mind you this was in the middle of winter and I didn't have the heart to put them out...until I couldn't do it anymore and I drove into the country side and let them go there. That hasn't happened since, that was one nutty winter though. I do not recommend this btw!
sounds like you are crazy busy lady!!!