Oct 19, 2010

292- Fall in American Fork Canyon

Fall is, hands-down, my favorite season. It wasn't always that way but it is now.  As I child I love the summer the most... of course I live in a very temperate climate AND there was no school

 But now I love:
  • the crisp nights 
  • the faint smell of wood smoke or leaves burning
  • the smell of apples, freshly picked
  • the temperate days
  • less lawn mowing (bwahahaha)
  • but mostly I love the beautiful mellow colors that make up fall...

292- american fork canyon

BTW- My BABIES turned 25 today! Happy Birthday Camille and Stuart


Laura H said...

Happy Birthday Camille and Stuart. I feel kind of old.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love that picture!!! Makes me wanna go explore the hills...if only I had the time :) Guess you have to make time for that sorta thing eh?

Anke said...

I love this one too, gorgeous colors and softness!