Oct 23, 2010

296- Dumped in the Woods

You have to question your welcome when your host puts you in the back of his pick-up truck, drives you to the top of a mountain, dumps you off without food or water, spits gravel as he peels out and leaves you there!

OK I made up the part about spitting gravel! Yeah, and we kind of wanted him to drive us up so we could walk down... but that doesn't make as good a story!

Holly and Brian's new home in Idaho is beautiful and situated on the foothills over looking the valley. And we are having such a wonderful time.

Do you know how beautiful it is up there on this deserted mountain? Do you know how wonderful it smells with two little doggies stirring up the fallen leaves and sage? It was as wonderful as any Big Bear Weekend we ever had.

296- girls in leaves

Three of us pack cameras... one of us packs a 22 to keep away any stray coyote! Sonny didn't waste any time to start clicking (but obviously so did I!)

296- sonny

See the tree line? That is where we started and we're about half way down. This is also the view up the mountain from Holly's house.

296- hike down

Pauline and Sonja have been friends the longest they met when P was 19 and Sonny was 12. It is so wonderful to have old friends; and at our age we have old friends and OLD friends.

296- s & p

This is our first glimpse of Holly's house. P had the idea of the point at the house. And there is the view... ah, the view.

296- holly's house

Now for a little minute it's *gonna be all about me!*

Usually I'm the one behind the camera, it isn't often that I am the subject of the shoot, but if P is around then it is likely that I will have some incrementing photos. As we were sitting around this evening P starts to howl with laughter... then she shows me some of her photos.

*Bwahahahaha, Joanie, you look like a homeless gnome!*

296- gnome

I was smelling the wonderful sage... and this was a telephoto shot!

296- sage

But this is my favorite, *P, do I have something in my nose?*

296- nose

Yes, it is wonderful visit with old friends.

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