Oct 26, 2010

299- In Their Shoes

This last weekend in Samaria, Idaho got me to thinking about what it would have been like to be a pioneer. I have the utmost respect for these sturdy folks as they carved their niche in this vast land.

I thought, "What would it be like to walk in their shoes?"

299- shoes

They faced the daunting task of cultivating the ground in a hard, inhospitable land.

299- plow

Their simple tools had to be cared for and repaired by themselves.

299- grinder

This would have been a luxury to have an automated washing machine... with a wringer! No more raw knuckles using the old wash board.

299- washing machine

And all that wash needed to be ironed; laboriously heating and reheating the iron on the wood stove, yes, even in the summer.

299- iron

Was there ever much *me* time for these pioneers? Did they have time to primp? How often could they really use their funny little hair crimpers? Maybe just on Sundays.

299- dresser

Yes... I have the highest regard for the pioneers.

299- old car

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