Oct 27, 2010

300- Autumn's Glory

I've mentioned before that fall/autumn is my favorite season. For the last several years I've boycotted Halloween but have fully embraced the pumpkin... sounds silly, I know.

I love collecting pumpkins and gourds to display on my front porch. They just make me happy! I may have to follow the example of my friend, Sheri, and plant some pumpkins next year and grow my own!

300- pumpkins

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Dean and Sheri said...

I just have to say that I have LOVED the 3 posts previous to this one...oh, and THIS ONE TOO! Joanie, Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and perspectives. Now I gotta go tell Dean that we're moving to Idaho! I'm not sure how that's gonna go over though. And if we get a bovine that turns out to be a he-cow...well, our freezer would never be any better stocked. I think I'm in love with Bambi.