Nov 12, 2010

316- $114... My Eye

A couple of weeks ago I turned on my kitchen faucet, it ran normally for a few seconds and then clunk! it slowed to a trickle! We have hard water here in Springville so I suspected I might have some sediment in the aerator. I cleaned it out, but got almost no improvement.

Great! Now what? Gordon said to call a plummer. *Ahh, you're killin' me, Smalls!*

So I called... $114! Are you kidding me?

316- slow faucet

I didn't know where I put the booklet that came with the faucet (I found it later) so I looked under the sink:
  • got the serial number
  • looked up the repair booklet at Price Pfister
  • read the cleaning instructions
  • didn't quite understand how to remove the divertor
  • called customer service
  • had a VERY good experience with knowledgeable and helpful tech
  •  found a chunk of hard water deposit
  • removed it with long nosed pliers
  • reassembled the faucet
  • stated, correctly, I ROCK!
  • called Gordon and told him he owed me $114

316- fast faucet

EDIT- I repaired this again on 12/3/12... gotta get another water softener.


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

He most definitely owes you $114! And you do rock. :-)

Jessica said...

I love this story! You make me laugh!

Dallessandro Family said...

Ahh I love it!

Mom and Dad said...

So -- did you GET the $114??
Good for you, JB -- Nothin' you can't do!!

Laura H said...

DIY!!! Thats great.

Price Pfister said...

Hi Joanie,

We're happy to hear everything worked out with your faucet.

Thank you for the compliment about our Consumer Service Group.

Best of Luck.

The Price Pfister Team