Nov 18, 2010

322- A Stolen Day

That's what I had today... a day stolen from cold, wind, rain or snow! It was one of those unseasonably warm November days.  Don't get me wrong... it was still only in the high 50s today but when I am working that is just about right for me. Interestingly enough I had just such a day last year and probably wouldn't have remembered about it except I blogged about it. We get these wonderful days just ahead of cold storms... but I'm not complaining!

I did a funny wardrobe change about 4 times! No kidding! I started with long pants and a sweatshirt, then I changed to a long sleeved shirt, still too warm! I put on my cut-offs and gardening T-shirt, ah! much better... but then I had to make one more change to a collared shirt to keep from getting my back and neck burned... funny girl.

THIS DAY was the day to prune my grapes. I know that they usually should to be trimmed in the spring but the year I did that the vines bled! Not real blood, of course, but whatever grape blood is! Wait, I have it! Grape juice! Seriously, it bothered me. Today the vines were already dormant from our cold and the trimming was juice-free!

322- grapevine

I love this kind of work:  seeing what needs to be removed, securing the vines on their new course,  feeling the sun on my back... a day sent from Heaven.  Gordon helped rake up all the leaves and vines and load them into the back of Kevin-son's truck.  We hauled all of the vines, leaves and grass clippings to the green-waste recycle place.  Boy were they hopping!  There must have been a dozen other people doing just what we were... getting ready for snow and winter.

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love this shot!!!!