Nov 19, 2010

323- Harry Potter Theme at BYU Bell-tower!

Several months I saw a group on Facebook saying that the Harry Potter Theme would be played today, 11/19/10, the opening day of the 1st part of the Last Harry Potter movie. You know how these things sometimes go... a lot of wishful thinking.

I went to the Temple this morning and got out just in time to boog-it down to the Bell-tower with mpc in hand. I found a parking place RIGHT THERE.; And at noon guess what happened??

You betcha! HP Theme! Yay!


Anke said...

How fun is that?? :):) It actually sounded nice! Thanks for recording it for us! Was that your voice I heard in there? :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

TOO much fun! I always loved that bell tower and wondered how they do the songs they do. Its pretty great :)