Nov 20, 2010

324- Maple Mountain Sunset

Last evening I'd just stepped out of the theatre from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie, the clouds in the western sky look almost Apocryphal... fittingly, very Harry Potter Voldemort! As I was digging my mpc out of my purse I glance east and there was Maple Mountain glowing in her evening beauty. I literally ran jogged over to the edge of the parking lot to capture this shot. I knew if I didn't it would be gone.

324- maple mountain sunset

As I was driving home I was treated to a glorious sunset ALL IN THE EASTERN SKY (I just love how that happens here so much, all reflected light)! Timpanogos looked just like a painting: snow covered, clouds behind, pink sky, almost glowing! I wanted to stop right on the freeway and get another photo! (But seeing as how the I-15 corridor is under construction in Utah County that wouldn't be a wise move!!)

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