Nov 22, 2010

326- DYI Grapevine Wreaths

Over the years I've thought several times about how fun it would be to make my own grapevine wreaths, but just never got around to it. So Thursday, as I was hauling vines to the truck, I pulled out some *promising* ones just for that purpose.

Saturday after cleaning the last few beds, trimming raspberries, winterizing the yard and garden hoses I dragged the saved vines over to the deck to have a try at making wreaths. I thought I would need a bucket (note the orange Home Depot bucket on the ground) to use as a form but I found that I had better luck just muscling the vines into circular wreaths. The base vine got wired with my some of my 20-year old roll of wire that never runs out (we used some of it decorating for Camille's wedding) but the subsequent vines just got twined and twisted around the base. It was a very fun experience!

326- grapevine wreaths

But you know why I like this photo? It shows so much of who I am and where I live. Here I am in my zany-Ron-Weasley-hat (Shirley made it for me and I LOVE IT!) just being my little square-self. I can see the grapevines neatly trimmed and secured to the fence, my tomato patch *put to bed for the winter*, my currant bushes along the garden shed, there's a peek at the path that Stuart and I laid in August and running along the fence behind me some of the newly trimmed raspberries.

I used raffia on one of my wreaths but didn't like it so much.  It started to rain a little after Gordon took this photo for me so I move all the wreaths onto the kitchen table where they are still waiting for me tonight.  That's the nice thing about wreaths... they just wait patiently for me to come back and decide how I will embellish them.  Happy wreaths!

326- grapevine wreaths tie


Laura H said...

I'm a bit wreath obsessed so I loved this post about making your own.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Mom and I used to make those out of virginia creeper limbs....and it turns out the more branchs you twist together the nicer it looks. Then you just go to town with flowers/greenery/whatever. We had fun with them too :)