Nov 24, 2010

328-Fizzled Blizzard

Yesterday we had a forecasted blizzard, they closed many businesses early, encouraged people to complete their travel before the blizzard was due to hit. People listened, traveled early, and avoided disaster. I would much rather have them err on the side of caution than be caught unawares and unprepared.

KSL Weather-guessers define a blizzard as:
  • Wind gusts 35 mph+
  • Considerable blowing and drifting snow
  • Visibilities less than 1/4 mile
  • Lasts 3 hours or more
  • Very cold temperatures

He told us tonight that our blizzard only lasted 1 hour 47 minutes so technically it wasn't a blizzard.  But it's plenty cold!  It was 5 degrees this morning at 8 am and it a balmy 9 degrees at 7pm.

328- 9 degrees

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