Dec 4, 2010

338- Crêpe de Paris

Say it like this... Crêpe de Par-ee! That's it!

This has been such a busy day:
  • Photo shoot of Doug's family
  • Trip to Midway's Swiss Days  
  • A fun date with my Sweetie
  • Get in the Christmas Spirit
  • Come home and decorate the house
  • Take 165 photos in all!
I think that is at least a week's worth of posts!

So this day, since it's late and I'm tired, I went for the group that would take the least amount of time to process!

Crêpes at Swiss Days! The minute I saw the Nutella in the window I knew I needed one of these!

338- crepe de paris

A cute couple borrowed this booth from a friend who bought it in Germany and never used it. This was its Maiden Voyage.

Pour the batter...

338- pour

Spread it with a very cool spreading tool...

338- spread

Cook until the first side is golden-brown and then flip with a long *spatulator*...

338- flip

Add yumness! My choice: Nutella and strawberries...
(At this point the fellow says, "blah, blah, blah, Joanie!" What? I didn't tell him my name! I asked if her name was Joanie and it turns out it is Joni! Small Joanie-Balonie world!)

338- yum

Fold, bag, add whipped cream and present with a smile... Joni and Paul.

338- joni & paul

And, yes, it was yummy!

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