Dec 5, 2010

339- My Cup Runneth Over

That is how my *cup* is this day... running over! What a blessed day! We had a beautiful Fast & Testimony Meeting and then an outstanding Relief Society lesson. But my cup has been running over since yesterday (well, let's be honest, for all of my life!)

I mentioned yesterday that I did a photo shoot for the Lewis Zoo. Jessica is always so nice and thanks me for providing this service but it really is my great pleasure. We met at Kaye's house to use the beautiful that Kevin-son built for her as our backdrop. (How wonderful to be able to share these wonderful children!)

I'd just done the group shot of the whole family and then asked Doug and Jessica if I could take some of them as a couple. The three big kids decided to pile into the big leather chair and make a train. I couldn't miss this serendipitous moment! I zoomed in for this close up and was overcome with emotion at how much I love these little children. I gave them a group hug and cried! What a blessed Grammie I am!

339- tian, rox, ash

I turned to catch Doug sweet-talkin' his honey, "Wha'-chu-doin?"  How I love these goodly parents! So interesting to see the roles change... now my little Dougie is the Daddy!

339- sweet talk

And here they are... the occupants of the Lewis Zoo. What a blessing to have children and grandchildren!

339- kids

BTW- If you live locally and want a Christmas photo shoot, give me a call.

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Mom and Dad said...

These kids are so darling, and their kiddies are precious! Cannot believe how the older ones have grown!
And Ashley looks like Daddy, I think.
What a sweet family!