Dec 7, 2010

341- In the Details

Midway's Swiss Days featured many activities. "Cottages for the Children Gingerbread Display & Auction" was a gingerbread house display (duh!) with all proceeds to benefit the Wasatch/Summit Counties Children's Justice Center.

The competitors ranged all the way from preschool children to professionals. I saw auction bid from $5 to $350. I took 32 photos... not even I can fit that into a photo of the day post! As I looked through my photos again and again I found that it was the details that caught my attention, so that is what I will share with you.

Most of the scene was supposed to be edible (they could use lights) so there were roofs of Triscuts, Wheat Thins, Cinnamon-Toast-Crunch cereal, Neecos, candy wafers, licorice,and, of course, frosting. I never could figure this one out, perhaps it is cookie wafers cut in circles. I love the icicles and Super-Sugar-Crisp fence.

341- eves

These are Santa's reindeer back from their around-the-world tour... poor pooped reindeer! They collapsed outside of "Santa's Pooped Reindeer Barn" sided with Red Vines.

341- pooped reindeer

This was one of my favorites. The baker made gingerbread *logs* to construct a log cabin. The detail throughout was amazing. Notice the poor moose has gotten tangled up in the lights from the outside tree, a stone path, stack of firewood and a package delivered by UPS!

341- chris-moose

My guess is this was designed by a 14-year-old boy! I love the sign! (The whole display was a take on Nightmare Before Christmas.)

341- yellow snow

This was the grand prize winner, no surprise there! I love the attention to detail inside the barn with the farm animals gathered around the baby Jesus. Watch for more on this building tomorrow.

341- stable

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