Dec 8, 2010

342- Red Barn Christmas

When we exited the Creche Festival I could see this intriguing red barn through the naked trees. It felt like a Christmas card luring me in for a closer look. I took a little walk up the road to capture it. Can I just say... I'm in love?

342- red barn

This Christmas card is complete with barnyard animals: chickens (on an old pick-up truck bed/trailer), sheep and horse! How picturesque!

342- barnyard

You remember I told you I'd tell you more about the gingerbread stable animals from yesterday? Well, this is it. Each year this baker chooses a local building to pattern his/her gingerbread scene after. Can you guess which building it is?

342- gingerbread barn

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I LOVE it! Can't believe how talented some people are....and you oughta make a cark out of that picture. Beautiful!