Dec 9, 2010

343- Grammie Day at Lewis Zoo

One of the greatest blessing of being a grandparent is watching those precious little people grow up!

I got to spend the day at Lewis Zoo today. When we moved here almost 6 years ago there was only a monkey and a zebra in the zoo! Since then they've added a Roxidon and a Sophisauras (somehow we are mixing eras here!)

I love to see how capable and helpful Ashton and Christian are. Frankly, I was the responsible-adult-on-the-premises but they are the ones who kept the home moving smoothly: chasing Sophie as she army-crawls all over the house, loading the dishwasher, setting the table, showing Grammie how to use the vacuum, changing Sophie, feeding Sophie, clearing dishes, yes, very responsible in deed!

343- kids

I'm so blessed to know these lovely children and better yet, I'm related to them! I love them so much... Lucky Grammie!

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Mom and Dad said...

How glad I am that you have such precious little people living close by so you can enjoy them!!
The arrangement blesses all parties involved!!
Happy Christmas, Grammie!