Dec 10, 2010

344- Inversion Diversion

This time of year it is common to get an inversion layer that holds all of the cold air and, unfortunately, the smog down at the ground. Since we live at the south end of Utah County we escape much of it and the further north you go the worse it gets.

I was driving home on Hwy 89 aka ** State Street and could spy the exact point where the inversion was occurring!  See those clouds hanging half-way down Spanish Fork Mountain?  Yup, that's it.  But the cool part came as I started the mild climb over Ironton between Provo and Springville... I could see the underside of the inversion not 200 feet above me.  Very cool.

344- inversion

** Here is an interesting fact about State Street:
In the U.S. state of Utah, U.S. Route 89 (US-89) is a long north–south state highway spanning more than 502 miles (807.891 km) through the central part of the state.

From Springville north to Salt Lake City, US-89 parallels—and for a distance overlaps—Interstate 15, following the old Arrowhead Trail, once the main highway from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, through a number of downtowns.

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Mom and Dad said...

I like the way you investigate things. And then tell us what you've learned! How fun!
When we drove down from Logan, we came by way of the Tremonton road, out of the top of Cache Valley, somehow ending up going into Brigham City and Ogden on the "old Road". I love seeing people's homes and farms where they work and live... And it was a misty, rainy day with wonderful fall colors heightened by the weather.