Dec 11, 2010

345- Cup-cake-ree-ous

Oh my stinkin' heck! Do you want an absolute taste treat? Then you need to go to The Cocoa Bean - Cupcake Cafe.

Back in August some of my sweet friends brought me a yummy Mexican Chocolate cupcake from there! It was de-lish!

Not being one to rush things I finally got there on my own yesterday. I thought that Friday was the day for Mexican Chocolate, but I was mistaken... yesterday's cupcake-of-the-day was Chocolate Cheesecake Raspberry (oh, dang!) It was every bit as wonderful as the first one.

So today (yes, two days in a row) I went back for another one! I think I may have OD'ed... but what a way to go... with a smile on my face and chocolate on my breath!

345- cup-cake-ree-ous

When you get you cupcake to-go it comes in this darling little box. You need to try them out.

1774 N University Pkwy
Provo, Utah 84604

345- the cocoa bean

** This is not a paid advertisement... they have no idea who this crazy woman it that calls what they bake cup-cake-ree-ous-es!

1 comment:

Mom and Dad said...

Lately I have been thinking about "cookshees" . . . just rolling the word around in my head for the fun of it. Whose word do you think that is? Now you have masterminded "cup-cake-ree-ous-es". I think that would rattle in my brain too if I could figure out how YOU say it!
I love your fantastic, bannerishish titles - they are so fun - [but cannot try out the product since I am beating out a stuffy head this week].
But I love your words, your funny funny words, Joanie!!!
You name foods that should be on the Mad Hatter's tea table!