Dec 13, 2010

347- Christmas Cheer

I live in one of the most wonderful places in the world. Tonight we had our annual neighborhood Christmas sing-a-long and bonfire in lieu of gifts between neighbors we donate to the local Kiwanis or other charity. In years past we've even had Chestnut Roasting on an Open Fire! (They might be good if they weren't burned!)

347- fire

Here are some of the wonderful folks in out ward/neighborhood.

347- folks

One of our organizers, the Bowns.

347- bowns

Angela,Phoenix and Judith.

347- girls

This little guy was just a toddler when we move here and now look at him, he is singing to all of us. (Colton's been on my blog before!)

347- colton

Clark Rick's folks just happened to be passing through so they came with them complete with banjo and guitar for accompaniment.

347- ricks boys

And here's cute Brother and Sister Ricks singing *Suzie the snowflake (or snowman)*.

347- ricks

Ann, another of the organizers, joins Candi... aren't these such cute girls?

347- ann & candi

More cute girls, Kristi and her daughter Ashley

347- kristi & ashley

Karen teaches the singing in Primary. She had these four little brave little girls sang one of their songs for us... in a round!  (Ashley, Abby, Brenna, Sierra)

347- singers

Here with their pretty mama are *Peanut and Newt*!

347- middletons

Don't you wish you could have as much abandon as little Hannah?

347- hannah

Lastly, Karen and Debra.

347- karen & debra

We sang, we ate, we bonded... it feels like Christmas to me!

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