Dec 14, 2010

348- First Grade Sweeties

This is my fourth year being a *Grammie-helper* in Miss Lewis/Mrs Maynard's class. I love it!

One of my favorite activities comes at Christmas when we turn a 1st grade handprint into 5 little snowmen! It's magic. (Thank you Miss Sarah for this idea!)

This is one of the exemplary globes! What a good little artist.

348- snowmen

This precious little girl stole my heart. Frankly, it's taken me most of the last 29 years to be able to look at a precious little red-headed girl and not burst into tears with missing Amanda. I'll admit that as I stroked her soft red hair I choke up a little.

348- precious

Little Sweetie here! She is the face of 1st grade! Look at that typical toothless smile! We sang All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth while we painted her hand!


Speaking of toothless smile... this is a toothless birthday boy!

348- birthday boy

Think you're seeing double? I asked them how people tell them apart and the answer was, "They just guess!"

348- seeing double

This is Camille's very best class! I told them so. If you want to read about previous year's globe painting click on the *1st grade* tag below.

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