Dec 15, 2010

349- White Nativity

The last two Decembers, while I've been doing my photo of the day, I have spotlight some of my nativities. I've spent years collecting nativities. In recent years the only decorating I do for Christmas is my three little trees that stay decorated all year in the dungeon and my nativities.  I love the Christ centered feel in my home.

Although this wasn't the first nativity I got, it was on my *I want it* list for about 10 years. I saw one like this at a friend's house on a piece of red velvet on top of her upright piano... I fell in love.

Back in those days this kind of purchase was just out of my price range.

349- white nativity

But! in 1984 a friend who owned a kiln offered to teach a 3 month class at good ol' Relief Society Homemaking Night! I think the cost was $65. Rose brought us each a set of green-ware all packed in those horrible packing peanuts that get everywhere! The first month we cleaned the green-ware and initialed all of our pieces. The next month we did something else or maybe finished cleaning the green-ware, I can't remember now. She fired the green-ware to create bisque and the last month we painted on the glaze. I used a clear glaze to let the white show through.

It spent many years atop my upright piano until I sold it. Now it resides where ever the mood strikes me.

This year I yoinked out one of my craft tables and set it up in the corner of my cozy little front room. But it just needed something. Brainstorm! What about all of those fun grapevine wreaths I made last month?  I'm so happy with the result.

The other thing I like about this photo... you can see my beautiful green walls... I just love green.

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Anonymous said...

We just recently went and saw an awesome display of Nativity scenes (can I spell cresche ?). This one is beautiful and even more so since you made it. Thanks for sharing. Virginia