Dec 20, 2010

354- Nothing Says Christmas Like...

Split-pea soup! (bwahahahahaha) I couldn't pass up.

Actually I'm not sure I've ever made split-pea soup at Christmas time before but today I just NEEDED IT! Thursday evening I got attacked by a viral/bacterial bronchitis. I've only been attacked that fast once before; that was at least 15 years ago (That time I ended up with pneumonia). I spent all day Saturday and Sunday in bed, which is strange for me. Gordon was a good nurse maid and told me to keep my phone close so I text him if I needed anything. What a guy!

354- split pea soup

I'm feeling about 70% back... each day will get better. I could sure go another 15 years without bronchitis!

1 comment:

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hope you are finally feeling better auntie! It was nice to see you the other day for just a bit :) Hope you had a lovely christmas with the family :)