Dec 24, 2010

358- The Hol[l]y Family

I have a dear friend named Holly (actually I have two dear friends, both named Holly!) But this post is about the one I've known the longest.

I met Holly eons ago when she moved to Palmdale with her new little family. Holly is a crafter-extraordinaire!

One of the sweet gifts she gave to me was this dear little Hol[l]y Family. Every year when I take them out of their box and set them up I remember my good friend and her love of the Savior.

358- holly nativity

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Mom and Dad said...

I love your nativities, Joanie!

I loved getting to visit with you last week and hope you are feeling better, my honey!

I love the way you are enjoying your grapevine wreaths. This one is under one of your little trees??

Looks like you had fun with the taquitos. Maybe that tradition creates another hol[l]y family? [But in this case, you probably don't need the 2nd "l".]

Today in church we heard great things happen one little step at a time. Isn't that interesting with regards to creating hol[l]y families [without the 2nd l?]. I am glad you published these two blogs together, or I may not have gotten the parallel. [I am a bit dense at times!]

I love you Joanie, with all your homey, comforting, appreciative ways that make safe places for people to roost and be loved.
Happy Christmas!!! to all of you.