Mar 16, 2011

Life in the 'Park

Almost 11 years ago Rebekah and Curtis moved to Yosemite Lakes Park AKA YLP. Caden was just a baby who we put in baby jail his playpen so we could do all the fix-up, painting, etc that needed to be done on their little repo home. If Caden wasn't in baby jail he would eat anything that moved! Ick! YLP has a wonderful rural lifestyle that suits their family just fine.

Over the years they've done all sorts of improvements including adding an in-ground pool (watch out for all the ginormous granite rocks when digging!), a garage conversion, pulling up carpeting and replacing it with laminate or bamboo flooring, removing the popcorn ceilings and replacing it with pine planks. I love visiting here.

When the *little* boys; Caden, almost 12, and Brock, 9.5, got home they were *hot* (yes, it was all of 75°) and they wanted to go swimming. Bek told them that if they wanted to clean all the pine needle debris out of the pool they could swim. "You want to swim... you do the work!" I like that kind of mothering!

15- caden

Tadhg is in high school now and gets home an hour and a half after his brothers. He's all about skateboards right now and wasn't interested in pool maintenance.

15- tadhg

Since we were outside on this *too hot* day (notice she has on a sweater?) Bek pulled out her rake and started cleaning up the flowerbeds inside the pool area... can you say PINE NEEDLES?

15- Brock & Bek

This is Super-Girl the bestest cat around! She's only four years old; which is old for a hill-billy cat. Sadly, cats don't have a very long life span here. There are too many predators/dangers here. But they fulfill a very useful purpose... just what kitties do best: keeping the rodent/snake/bird population in check!

15- super

"Come here, Sup!" says Brock.

15- brock & super

OK- so here is the saddest part about this happy post. I took my whole camera outside to take these pix... I didn't know which lens I would want to use. When did I remember when I'd left it out there? Yep, that would be this morning after it had started raining. Fortunately I was able to dry things off and they are still working properly!


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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love those guys! Family is always family, no matter how far away or how often you see them :) Isn't it nice that our family is so nice???