Mar 20, 2011

No Worms Were Hurt... Opps!

It started raining Saturday evening and pretty much didn't let up for the next 36 hours. You know how that is. It was my last night in CA at Uncle Steve and Auntie P's house, we were getting ready for bed when Steve called from the bedroom,"Hey, come look at this!"

We dutifully came and this is what we found!

19- worm

In unison both P and I exclaimed, "Hold on! I need to get my camera!"

We all know that heavy rain will drive worms out of the ground and then they drown on the sidewalk. Ah, but this little adventurer had a different idea. He was going to get out of the rain.  Can you believe this? He slithered under Steve's office door, through his office at least 15 feet into the bedroom all across the carpet!

19- worm route

I'd like to say that no worms were hurt filming this incident... but, sadly, that is not the case.

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