Mar 25, 2011

"Oh Honey, My Cup Runneth Over!"

With our children spread out across the United States it isn't often that I can say that I've seen all of them [read grandkids!] in a short period of time. The last time I accomplished that was in the fall of 2007.

This month is a close second. I've seen all of them in the last month except Kristi and Jim's family in West Virginia.

I arrived home from seeing my California grandsons on Monday. Imagine my surprise when Erik called on Tuesday and said they were in Cedar City and would like to visit with us when they got into town. We visited with them that evening. Grampy provided a wonderful dessert of hot chocolate chip cookies and root beer floats.

They have so much family in Utah that we have to share but when they arrived for dinner Friday Bryan was thrilled to see that there was snow in Grammie's front yard! The minute they pulled up he dove into the *trunk* of the van and got out his jacket and gloves. He was a boy with a mission.

25- bryan kiss

Even though there was only a few inches he managed to build a snow tower taller than himself! (And no wonder! Look at his freakishly large hands! Oh, wait, those are just his dad's gloves. bwahahahaha)  The other kids weren't so enamored with the snow.

25- bryan snowtower

When it was time for them to leave I gave hugs all around but little Bryan gives the best hugs, you know the kind. They melt a Grammie's heart. That's when I said, "Oh Honey, my cup runneth over!" [name that movie]

Another funny aside- Later that evening a friend came over and said, "It looks like you've had kids playing in your front yard!"  Lucky yard.  Lucky Grammie...

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Camille said...

Hope Floats! Right?