Mar 16, 2011

San Joaquin Snow

Saturday afternoon I drove from Palmdale up the San Joaquin Valley (pronounced /ˌsæn hwɑːˈkiːn/ bwahahahahaha... AKA san wha-keen) to Coarsegold to visit with Rebekah and family. I've always loved the drive up Hwy 99 with the ginormous *freeway-bushes* that are bigger than houses growing in the median strip. In August the oleanders are a riot of blossom in all the hues from lightest pink to deepest fuchsia.

But I digress...

Now, in March, most of the orchards look as if a blizzard has just swept through the area. But it isn't really-for-real-destructive-snow just tons of blossom petals from the acres upon acres of fruit and nut trees.

12- San Joaquin Snow

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