Mar 16, 2011

Alexander the Great Grape

Several years ago when I was at Bek’s house on Grammie duties I just happened to catch Tadhg as Sir Isaac [Fig] Newton at the Rivergold’s History/Wax Museum night. So as I was planning my trip this time and found out that Caden would be participating in the same event I knew I would have to be there to see him as Alexander the Grape!

16- caden the great

The students each choose a mythical, fictional or historical character they want to represent. Then study to learn about their character and write themselves a little script. The parents get to help them make a dandy costume. The students memorize their little schpiel and they are all set for the big performance.

16- shoes

Usually the characters are frozen in one of the many outside quads, but this year rain moved them into the classrooms. The idea is that they stand frozen until a spectator comes and taps them; they awaken and give their informational speech and them freeze again. I’m always amazed at how clever they are.

Caden was just slightly nervous when Grammie came, in all her state, to hear him. But he managed to make his way through his speech.
16- caden talk

Being an all powerful conqueror he knew that he needed to get his rest before the big battle.

16- caden asleep

We wandered in the several classrooms to see the rest of the wax museum. Some of my favorites were-

The goddess- whose daughter ate 6 pomegranate seeds and was taken by Hades, God of the Underworld, for 6 months of the year. This little girl was so animated she was a joy to watch.

16- pom seeds

Moses- who was wearing his father’s jamaka and prayer robes.

16- moses

A sea goddess- who somehow got on the wrong side of King Tritan.

16- sea goddess

This little girl, who I don’t remember what she was, with beautiful amber eyes.

16- amber eyes

I saw Indiana Jones wandering around outside after the wax museum was finished, I ran up to him, gave him a tap and he accommodated me. He even showed me how he could use his whip with a big crack!

16- indie

I asked Caden if I could carry his shield and spear (to avert another world conquest right there on the Rivergold campus). As Bek snapped this pic Brock informed me I was not Grammie the Great... but I told him he was mistaken... I definitely AM GRAMMIE THE GREAT!

16- grammie the great


Camille said...

That's great picture of you, Momma. You're my favorite momma. By the way, I've never seen this resemblance before but Caden sure looked like Spencer in the picture as Alexander the Great.

Heather said...

You're too cute, "Grammy the Great"!