Mar 1, 2011

1- A Lam-bie Day

March showed her happy lam-bie face this day. I love the month of March with all of her extremely severe mood swings... so this day a taste of spring... right inside on my kitchen window sill.

1- pink flower

1- window sill

BTW- I got this sweet plant from my daughter-in-law, Suzi, a year ago. Is it an African Violet?


Dean and Sheri said...

Such beautiful photos you take. LOVE the one on top. I think you should make your own greeting cards with them! I gonna tell ya, Joanie...I miss your daily photos. Just sayin'. And your pretty's a cyclamen.
Love ya.

Anke said...

this is such a stunning shot and stunning flower! It makes me miss your daily flower shots :) Beautiful stuff. I was just going to tell you that it's a cyclamen, but you already heard that :)