Apr 24, 2011


This morning before church I was taking the trash out, as I traipsed down the path I caught a flash of yellow movement out of the corner of my eye- it was a tiny, little fledgling bird. He alighted on the little rock border that follows my path. I was quite close so I *talked very gently* to him and told him there was nothing to worry about, I wouldn't hurt him.

24- baby bird

I'd talked to him for a few minutes before I realized I really did want a photo of him (duh!) So I came in, got my 70-300mm lens and came quietly out the back door again, telling Harley he just needed to step away from the birdie stay were he was on the deck.

I came fairly close again, even though I had my super zoom lens and could see his little breast heaving... poor little baby bird!

It seemed more than coincidence to me that I would see this sweet little helpless bird on Easter morning. I reflected on how we are so much like this helpless little creature. We don't know how to fly on our own and we need our loving parent to help us learn... and protect us when we fall out of the nest.

I want to bear strong and fervent testimony that Jesus is the Christ.  He came to earth, born a helpless infant. He lived and taught, healed and loved. He was crucified on Calvary.  He accepted all our sins in Gethsemane. He was laid in a borrowed tomb and on the third day took up His body in the act of Resurrection. He lives! Because of His willing, loving sacrifice, we, too can live again with Him. He is the only way! I am so grateful for this abiding testimony!


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

What a beautiful symbol to find on Easter morning! It looks like he might be a fledgling goldfinch with that gorgeous yellow and black plumage... and definitely a boy bird.


Anke said...

that is such an amazing shot Joanie!! Wow!