Apr 16, 2011

My New Nest

Two weeks ago my new quilting machine was delivered and literally turned my life upside-down! But all in good ways! My previous workroom/playroom/sewing room is in the larger of the two upstairs front bedrooms but now I would need that extra space for my new and LARGER quilting machine. That meant there wasn't going to be room for much of any thing else that wasn't sewing! I would have to do a major change up in my creative suite (yes, there it is... I really am spoiled; I have all three upstairs rooms for my use! But I'm a nice spoiled girl and share the master bedroom with my #1 fan and enabler!)

Ahhh, I got to build a new nest! Yay for little Joanie! I knew I wanted a very HAPPY COLOR for my new OFFICE. My inspiration came from two different quarters, umm, halves, umm, I know! sources! First, I'd found 3 (count them, only three) pieces of scrapbook paper in my stash that I was fell in love with. Second, I'd just returned from visiting Bek and she has some wonderfully happy colors at her house. So what do you think? Did I hit that happy color? I think so!

16- new nest

I had to wait until I had several projects out of the way before I could start the painting. I sent off P's quilt, bought my happy-paint, and sequestered myself to paint (with lots of plastic to protect the new carpet!)  Late that evening, when I was finished, I told Gordon how happy it was. The next morning this is what I found permanently poster-taped to the closed door. I LOVE IT!

16- happy room

So let's talk about those 3- 12 x 12" pieces of scrap paper! How in the world can I make that work? I had my mental image of this wonderful valance; which turned out just the way I wanted it to. (I decoupaged the paper to 1/4" foam board and taped it to the blind valance).

16- valance

But what about my plastic Sterilite drawers? Now they were totally visible, obvious, ugly and cluttered looking from the door.

OOO-ooo-ooo, ME, pick ME! I know! I scanned the scrapbook paper and then printed it on card stock! I cut it to fit the front of the drawers then used my tape-runner to stick it on the inside of the drawer.

16- small drawers

Now I can reveal in the beautiful Velvet Morning and Watermelon colors that grace my new nest!

16- large drawers

See? I told you! Happy, very happy new nest!


Jessica said...

Loveliness! I can't wait to see it. I'm spoiled, too. I'll tell you all about it on Grammie day. :)

Pauline said...

You are so smart and clever and... and... thanks for sharing. It is beautiful and I may have to copy it. I just have to figure out how. You are amazing as usual...

Heather said...


Anke said...

so very cool Joanie! I love your new colors, they are so fresh and springy! Love what you did with the drawers, that is such a clever idea!