May 31, 2011

Summer Food

Even though we had unusually cold weather on Memorial Day I just NEEDED some summer food- you know the kind: salads; crispy, tangy salads!

One of my favorite salads is the Strawberry Spinach salad but I didn't have spinach (and Gordon doesn't care for spinach). So I decided to improvise- I love that way of cooking. There is always an element of serendipity in improv!

What I DID have was strawberries (yum!),  iceberg lettuce, an aging avocado (how the heck did that happen) candied pecans left over from the last time I made SS salad and, to make it more acceptable to my carnivore husband, a grilled chicken breast. I made up some of the fresh strawberry vinaigrette dressing that I love and threw it all together in an aesthetically pleasing manner...

31- strawberry chicken salad

Now I have another favorite *summer food*!


Dean and Sheri said...

Holy Happiness on a Plate!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I whipped out the first grilled chicken salad myself the other day. Really filling! Too cold for winter, but great in the summery springy times when its too warm anyway :)