Jun 10, 2011

Hole-in-the-Rock: Flora and Fauna

I realized that I had so many photos from our trip down to southern Utah that I would need to break it up into several posts. And anyone who knows me and my photographic habits recognizes that I can rarely pass up a photo of flora or fauna... they just make me happy!

This is Dance Hall Rock (about 35 miles along our trail) were the pioneers camped for a LONG TIME while scouts went out to decide what route would work best. They had nightly dances to break up the time. You have to admire their tenacity.

3- dance hall rock

This is also where I viewed the illusive, and sometimes violent, rock monkey. These treacherous primates often masquerade as human-adolescent males... but don't let their appearance fool you. As soon as they return to their native habitat (large rock formations, the higher the better) rock monkeys become wildly daring and refuse to listen to their trainers. YOUTH LEADERS- BE WARNED!


3- monkeys up on top

Observe the rock monkey's propensity to play right on the edge of the precipice! (Stupid monkeys!)

3- monkeys perspective

I was also able to capture the shadow of the long-legged rock gazelle, but this mammal is invisible to dSLR's powers.

3- shadow

Now... these little creatures! HA! They had no chance against my superior powers! I could have squished them like an ant. I love his little antie (or is that auntie?) foot-prints in the sand.

3- ant foot prints

And look at this little worker's shadow! I see he hasn't learned magic powers yet. Whew!

3- ant up close

OK... this is more my speed! That is the nice thing about fauna... usually it isn't moving away from you at a high rate of speed. I love the deep orange/red color of this delicate desert wildflower.

3- orange flower

I'm not familiar with southern Utah wildflowers so I don't know the name of either one of these pretty little flowers.

3- purple flower

And speaking of tenacity! Look at this sweet little buttercup growing up from a crack in the slickrock! (Is this where I burst into song? My little buttercup- has the sweetest smile!)

3- buttercup

On the ride out (did I mention that it was 55.5 miles of dirt, wash-boarded, bumpy road?) I saw cacti on the side of the road, so I was pretty happy to find one when we reached Hole-in-the-Rock.

3- cactus

But I was even more excited when I found this little lovely, still in bloom!

3- cactus flower

You know, it makes all the bumps worth it when there are beautiful vista, dangerous fauna and delicate flora at the journey's end.


Anke said...

Great shots Joanie! I love the one with the long shadow, that is so awesome! I love your journaling, you are so right about those rock monkeys :)

Laura H said...

I have never even heard of Dance Hall Rock. I want to go there now!