Jun 25, 2011

Poor Babies!

Do you ever surprise yourself with your lack of thinking things through? I sure did this time!

For some reason I had it in my little-girl-mind that today, when the bandages came off, my hands would be all better and ready to go!


24- hands

Look at these poor babies!
  • I have some numb spots- I knew that would happen.
  • My wrists are sore and emaciated- I should have known that would happen after 10 days in boxing gloves!
  • The incisions are sore and hard- my scars always go through that stage.
  • My bruises hurt- now this one I don't get!  If I had *damage* to my forearms: IE got hit by something I would expect bruises to hurt, but this is just pooled blood from the wrist.  What does THAT hurt?  I don't know!
  • My incisions itch like crazy- normal- thank goodness for Vitamin E and Topricin.
  • I still have weak hands and have to be very careful how I use them- I SHOULD have know that would be true.
Ah, well... I came home from getting the stitches out, laid down on my bed to read and ended up sleeping for 3 hours!  That's what the trauma of disappointment will do!


Shan said...

How do you know they didn't punch you in the forearms? Prolly that's what sadistic surgeons do for kicks and giggles while you're under, I bet. Mostly, I just hope you get better speedy quick!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

The stage of healing you're in is my least favorite part... the time when you think you should feel better than you do. And naps are great during this stage, so you did the right thing. :-)

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Mom and Dad said...

Oh, Joanie, my honey, bless you! I remember looking at my nose and thinking the same thing -- "Little nose, just get better and heal! You have a big job to do, fixing all that stuff!" Same way with your little hands. Resting is the best way to heal!

Emily said...

I hope this is the trick for you. You're very brave. I hope the itching, the soreness and the numb-ness all go away soon!!