Jun 27, 2011

Totally Dominated!

Growing up Stuart and Camille were always the best of friends, but that didn't prevent a little friendly competition! When they were about 8-years-old Stuart started soccer and Camille started competition cheerleading. I have a friend who always remarked on my little children how sturdily built they were (hmm, sorry guys!)

It didn't take long before Camille was recognized as a great base! She routinely lifted the flyers above her head, and as the name implies, pitched them into the air and caught them again. This kind of exercise builds incredible arm strength!

Now, enter their dad, ever ready to pair people up in an arm wrestling match**. Much to Stuart's dismay Camille could beat him arm wrestling until they were 13!

Don't ask me what started this last night, but for some reason Camille and Stuart decided to give it a try again... 13 years later!

26- arm wrestle

Let's put it this way... she was totally dominated!

26- ker-pow

** OK so now for the back stories on arm wrestling. When Gordon and I first met and then married he was impressed with my arm strength. I'd lived rurally all my life, rode horses, picked bales of hay, and, most importantly, had spent the last few years taking out my frustrations on the wood pile (AKA splitting wood with a heavy splitting maul).

The first contest he orchestrated was between me and some poor whimpy unsuspecting missionary that lived with him before we were married. I wasted the poor guy and I've felt bad about it ever since.

The second one was much more satisfying... we were in Hawai'i visiting Gordon's children. Erik, his oldest, was 13.5; the setting- Pizza Hut. Gordon told Erik he thought Mom could beat him and Erik, being taller than me, thought he had it made-in-the-shade! The whole dining area erupted in applause when I beat him. I told Erik he'd never get a rematch; I knew it would be all downhill for me from there.

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Mom and Dad said...

You take cute photos of your people, Joanie!! And they don't wait to pose or unpose because they know you love them!!