Oct 4, 2011

Alpine Loop

I love traditions! This-day was the 7th Annual Alpine Loop Drive for Joanie and DeLoris! Yes, we've done this every fall since I moved here in 2005. One year I even "sprung" DeLoris from rehab (the broken hip kind, not the drug kind) so we could make our trip.


We always start in Provo Canyon and head north around the loop. But this year, at DeLoris' request, we started at the other end- American Fork Canyon. It's amazing, but it is a whole different drive. The AF side of the mountains are mostly conifers and aspen with a few maples thrown in. But as soon as you crest the summit it is aspen all the way!


maple leaves

DeLoris is an oil painter, she has such a good artist's eye. She pointed this shot out to me... the lone spot of color on the conifers.

spot of color

I like this one lone naked aspen standing sentinel over all of his fully-clothed friends...

naked aspen

Another of my favorite sights is this one...


I love how the fern change color too and create this fern-colored-carpet under the aspen

fern carpet

Towards the end of the loop I caught the sun peeking out from behind the clouds.  We live in such a beautiful world.

clouds & aspen


Karlberg Fam said...

how gorgeous! I am so sad I missed this before the snow came! Hopefully it'll melt and we can drive it!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm hoping to get out today and snap some good shots of cute outdoorsy stuff! Gotta take advantage of the nice weather and beautiful colors!!! These are CERTAINLY inspiring Auntie, thanks!!!